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Redeemed Ministries: Keep Houston Free Video

This video provides details about the Houston location of Redeemed Ministries. Through multiple interviews, various people provide details of what it is like to maintain and run an anti-trafficking organization.

UN Video Footage: Courtesy of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)


Redeemed Ministries helps women of domestic sex trafficking by offering a safe environment for holistic healing, using a structured schedule to address chaos caused by trauma, and more.

Our organization was planning a big fundraising campaign and it had been several years since we’d had a promotional video made. We really wanted a good video to premiere at our fundraiser. We met with Solace Media to talk about our project and they were very flexible to work with our schedule. Our video came out beautifully, and it was really well received at our event. We’ve used it on all of our social media and in presentations about our organization, and it’s been a great tool for us to spread information about who we are and what we do! Working with Solace was a really great experience. They were creative and positive throughout the process. We were so happy with how the video came out, and feel like Solace did amazing work!

Desirie Dougall
Desirie Dougall
Operations Director